when it rains..it pours

At least in the Northwest. It has been raining HARD for 3 straight days. I will gladly take our good 'ole fashion drizzle over this!!

While on the topic of falling water...I would like to discuss showers! Yes, I am in need of one daily! Somehow, it is the first thing that enters my mind to "drop" off the to-do-list when there is no way to get it all done! Today, I choose the shower over working out and I am still mad about it!

The set-up: I stayed up with Aaron last night until 11pm. Me watching DVR recordings of Oprah, while he worked. (I KNOW...tough work but it had to be done!) Staying up late meant I wasn't getting up to work out at 5:30am. Instead I slept in and snuggled with Will (who crawled into my bed at 4am). Then breakfasts, unloading dishes, clothing children, brushing teeth (my own), and out the door to drop off kid 1. Stop by grocery store in the 20 minutes I have before dropping off kid 2. Ooops, I forgot to eat breakfast. Home to unload groceries and eat. Then I was in my crux....shower or work out. I only had 1 hour before picking up kid 2, so I could only do one. Since the rest of my day consisted of picking up kid 2, then kid 1 and friend early from school (noon release) and being home with 3 boys most of the afternoon, laundry, kitchen, dinner, and meeting at 6:30-it had to be the shower!

Lessons learned: Don't stay up late with my husband. Don't sleep in. Work out at 5:30 am. Shower before the boys get up. Have AmazonFresh deliver. Clean the kitchen at night. Teach the boys to do the laundry. Use my slow-cooker. Stop volunteering.

tomorrow is another day. thank goodness!
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