ten things about me.

A few years back everyone on Facebook was sharing 25 things about themselves.  I played along.   Some of my "things" don't fit anymore.  I hated diapers and thought Diet Coke had the perfect amount of carbonation.  Both of my kids have, fortunately, been potty trained and I gave up Diet Coke a couple of years ago.  While life has changed [and kids have grown], much of my list is still as true today as it was when I wrote it four years ago.

10 things about me.

1. I am a curly haired girl who spent much of her 20's fighting it, but have now found a way to embrace it.

2. I regret not backpacking through Europe after college. I was TOO determined to get a job...because that is what you were "supposed to do". Always doing what you are supposed to do is totally overrated!

3. Although it is RIDICULOUS how much designer jeans cost, from a cost per wear comparison it makes MUCH more sense to spend $100+ on jeans that you wear all them time [Can you say mom uniform?] than it does to spend the same amount on a special occasion dress that you wear once! Thus, I have my rational for spending WAY TOO much on jeans. 

4. Motherhood is hard. Period. 

5. I want to learn how to surf and actually look good doing it! 

6.  I wish women would be easier on each other. We spend too much time judging, comparing, being envious, and sometimes being simply cruel to other women...those we know and those we "think" we know just by looking at her.

7. I think of clothes as a way to paint your personality.  Your clothes tell a story of who you are...are you daring, sophisticated, practical, sporty, tired, fun!? Don't underestimate the power of visual communication!

8.   I would be one happy girl if I could work out every day.

9.   I dream of traveling to Italy with my husband. I hope sooner than later!

10. I think about a cold Thursday night 17 years ago, at a dingy bar called Dantes, a heart broken girl saw a boy and had the guts to talk to him! How could she know she was about to have her first conversation with the man who would someday be her best friend and husband and the father to her children? She just knew she had to try again because she was certain there was someone in the world she could love and who would love her back! He proved her right!
(Plus, she needed a cigarette and was too cheap to buy a pack of her own.) 

Have a GREAT holiday weekend.   

{Photo by Elise Liptack}


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