in the kitchen-a weekly plan

Oh, the weather outside is LOVELY...but we all still need to eat.  This is when a plan for the week is crucial.  No one wants to think about what to make for dinner when the sun is shining!  No need to think, just find a meal from our week's worth of meals.  You are bound to find at least one.  [I highly recommend the kale, egg, & avocado toast.  delicious!]

Meal 1::  Chicken and Cashews

Meal 2::  Coconut-Curry Beef

The flavors of this slow-cooker beef was great.  However, the recipe calls for 4 hours on low.  When using chuck roast, you will need to cook it more like 7 hours on low for the beef to be tender.  But since it is in the slow cooker it is no big deal.  We had this on a baseball night.  We arrived home after the game and dinner was ready!

Meal 3::  kale, egg & avocado toast
My favorite meal of the week. Clean, simple and so incredibly delicious.  Kind of like breakfast for dinner, but savory for sure!

Meal 4::  Skillet cornbread  [gluten free] and Chili
I used mixes for both.
Cornbread:  Pamela's Cornbread and Muffin Mix
Chili:  Bear Creek Country Kitchens "Darn Good Chili" Mix

I followed the directions for skillet cornbread on the packaging and it turned out perfect.  [A tablespoon of butter in the hot pan may have had something to do with it.]  I have used the chili mix many times before.  It is ready in 25 minutes.  You simply add water and tomato paste. 

PS.   We had takeout for meal 5.  I live in the real world too!

{Photo credit: 1. Randy Mayor  2. Kate Sears  3. love & lemons}

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