find [the sun] this weekend

photo challenge: 4.0/happiness
Happiness is spending the day with this little guy.  He he was hit by a stomach bug on Wednesday night, but thankfully bounced back in record time.  No school- meant the whole day together.  "Just like old times." So glad he was feeling good enough to hit the park.  I have missed being at the park mid-day. 
next week:  shoes

The weather is supposed to remain amazing all weekend.  I don't know about you, but I will be chasing the sun until it sets each evening! 

A few quick links just for fun:

Display your kids' art easily!

They really like us!  Seattle- most liked city in U.S.

A new home decor site.

I am tempted to try cross stitching with these kits.

What cocktail should disappear forever?  [bartenders have some strong opinions.]

Thinking of recovering a vintage chair? 

25% off at J.Crew.  purchase code springbest.
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A quick switch.

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