beauty basics: prep

beauty basics: prep

beauty basics: prep by juneheartsfashion

As I creep up on forty, my skin needs a little more assistance to look its best.  I have never been one to buy into a system of facial products and actually stick to it.  My interest wanes and then I have a ton of products [sometimes expensive] under the sink that never see the light of day.   Has this ever happened to you?  

In my quest to keep it simple, but also have great looking skin, I have found four products that I use every day that actually work for me.  

This is by prescription only from a dermatologist.  I battle adult acne [Nothing better than wrinkles and zits, right?].  This antibiotic gel, in combination with oral antibiotics,  has it under control.  It is light, weightless and non-drying.

I have found my skin much oilier in the past few years.  Without this lotion, my face would be a shiny mess! I use it on my forehead, nose, and chin.  It helps keep shine at bay and helps my make up last into the afternoon. 

This is a new addition, but an absolute keeper!  With just a small amount of this cream, my skin tone is even and dewy.  Who doesn't love that?
This is my most favorite prep item!  Thanks to my Italian heritage, the circles under my eyes are dramatic!  This silky cream goes on easy.  Two quick swipes under each eye and I begin to look like a live human again. 

With these four products, and a quick eyelash curl, and I can go about my day and not be startled when I look into the mirror.  

What are your go-to beauty prep products?  

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  1. Your mom uses the Garnier dark circle correcter in the deep wells at the inside corner of the eyes. Did you see the product on a visit back home?


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