nailed it: nude + gold

nailed it: nude + gold

nailed it: nude + gold by juneheartsfashion

 I splurged for a manicure yesterday.  A picture from Pinterest was my inspirationHowever my nail beds proved to be very short[That is a really nice way of saying I have stubby fingers.The ombre glitter look just wasn't working.  So, through collaboration with the manicurist we decided upon a nude color (OPI/Bubble Bath) and gold sparkle tips.  The Art Club nail brush was extremely fine. It seemed easy enough to paint a very thin line just on the tipsI am loving my spring inspired nude + gold manicure.  Hoping it lasts for more than a day.

[Inspiration photo via]
PS.  It is near impossible to take a decent photo of your own nails. 

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