The Perfect Pairing!

What is better than a steamed artichoke? Can't think of many things!  It is the perfect snack or appetizer to enjoy on a long, lazy afternoon. (Maybe even with a glass of crisp, white wine?)

I now have the PERFECT pairing!  Instead of mayonnaise (full of  fat and empty calories), use Yoplait Plain Greek Yogurt.  It still has the perfect "tang" and has 0g of fat and is packed with protein!  Your taste buds won't know the difference and your body will thank you!  YUMMY! 

Try it and tell me if you like it!


Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century design fits the "feel" of our house and I am drawn to the simplicity of the furnishings.  We have not remodeled our home, nor will we anytime soon.  I simply settle for sprucing it up a bit.  That doesn't mean I don't plan for an amazing facelift or a dream of a new lot with a breathtaking view. 

I saw these pictures of Demi and Ashton's home in Beverly Hills and fell in love.  The open space, vast windows, and amazing pool instantly make me smile!  Can't you just picture a summer party?


Until I have saved my pennies (dimes and quarters), I will live the dream through others and sip a cocktail sitting in my new patio chairs! Yes, an ode to Mid-Century Modern and a price that is within reach!  Cheers!
Sawyer Chair


Breaking News: Summer Shoe Update

New shoes for a new season...when it arrives! (Check out the shoes that are on their way to my doorstep!)

A kitten heel with a punch of color.  I own these Ivanka Trump heels in black and they are extremely comfortable.  Can't wait to pair them with jeans or shorts and a neutral top. 
(Ivanka Trump 'Indico' Pump)
A stacked wedge in the perfect shade for summer.  These will be perfect with cuffed boyfriend jeans or a striped summer dress. 
(Jessica Simpson 'Jungle' Espadrille Sandal)
Super fun flats with a hippie twist.  Everything 70's is hot again and so is this shoe!  A great alternative to flip flops!  How great will these look with a maxi dress (if you are over 5'4" tall) or a long, light weight skirt? 
(DV by Dolce Vita 'Nyle' Sandal)

Add one new pair of shoes to your closet this season....it is worth it! Let me know what you get!!

(P.S.  Got these 3 pair on sale at the Nordstrom 1/2 Yearly!)



Now That's a Rock!

Well, isn't she a lucky girl?  Kim K. received a 20.5 carat sparkler this week from someone.  (Don't know who he is, but I am sure she does.  Right?)  Opinions are a-plenty on this subject!  Totally over the top.  Superficial!  Greedy.  Is that a "blood diamond"? I am Switzerland on this one.  Seems like a fairly stunning setting and actually doesn't look ridiculous on her hand. However,  I do have a few words of advice for Miss Kim. 

Dear Kim,
Congratulations on your surprise engagement!  All of my best to you.  Your ring is spectacular.  I thought I might offer a little advice as you get accustomed to wearing it.  You will need to continue being the face of Skechers Shape ups, pimp your life out to E!, and host parties for 100's of people you don't know poolside in Vegas.  Why, you wonder?  You will forever need a domestic staff.   20.5 carat engagement rings and SOS pads are not friends. Housekeepers will be a necessity.  And if you are so blessed with child, in the near future, diaper blow outs will be a problem.  It is a real nuisance having to clean your setting once it is coated in poop.  (Don't worry, it won't be so bad when it is your baby!)  A nanny will be your first line of defense in keeping your ring pristine.

I am sure your financial future is rock solid.  No pun intended.  I would hate for you or any of the Kardashian family to fall on hard times.  Just in case you aren't able to keep an army of help employed, I have attached a photo of a ring keeper.  A ring keeper is a lovely way to have that "one" place to keep your ring.  So-if you have to wash dishes, change diapers, bathe a baby, mop the floor, pick cheerios off the backseat floor, or any other mindless chore-you will know your "bling" is safe and sound.

Again, my most sincere congratulations!  Can't wait to see the dress your stylist chooses and all of the fantastic ideas your wedding planner comes up with.
Yours truly,
denise thomas
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