raise a glass to indiscretion

 Yes, please.

Sunday.  Mad Men.  2 hour season premier.  I'll drink to that!
Why not mix up cocktails that Don and Betty would be pleased to sip on?

Raise a glass to indiscretion!  Find a Mad Men 1960's Cocktail Guide [here]


the cutting room floor

In the world of social media, all we see of others is the best of the best.  Sunny vacations, happy marriages, beautiful children,  upbeat status updates, friends looking fit and healthy.  Our own quiet truths can look ugly in comparison.  

What don't we see on a facebook wall?  Financial worries, pain (physical or otherwise), a distant spouse, a struggling child.  While comparing one's life to others' isn't a new phenomenon, it is now 24/7.  Following us everywhere on our mobile devices. 

While I won't be unplugging anytime soon, I would like to say I will try and be easier on myself.  Stay sane, secure and strong. And ask myself, "What got left on the cutting room floor?"

[And not freak out when someone tags me in a super, unflattering picture.]


empire state of mind

Spring has arrived.  I was reminded of the hope, renewal, and freshness this season brings when I came across this picture of Central Park.
In December, my husband and I snapped a shot in this very spot. [Our first trip to Manhattan.]
Our stroll through the grand park in winter was crisp and invigorating.  A walk this week would surely be fragrant, warm, and replenishing.  The New York City forecast calls for temperatures to hit the high 70's this week.  I can only imagine how the city comes to life-as it sheds its winter layers.  While Seattle is stuck in a winter holding pattern, I am in an Empire State of Mind.

"These streets will make you feel brand new
Big lights will inspire you, let's hear it for New York."
 You can hear Jay Z sing about it, but you can only know it if you are in the heart of NYC.  


mom uniform:: sprung for spring

sprung for spring

sprung for spring by juneheartsfashion featuring a cross body shoulder bag

Just fell in love with polyvore.com!  Look what I put together in just a matter of minutes. You really must try it out.  Just jump on over to polyvore, click on create, and off you go.

I did create an account, juneheartsfashion, which lets me save my creations and share with all of you.  Sure would like to wear this outfit tomorrow, but it is entirely too cold [still!].  

I own the Hudson cropped jeans, a trapeze tank top, the Ray-ban aviators, the Splendid sandals, and colorful scarf.  I dream of the Marc Jacobs cross-body bag and the kick-ass biker jacket would be a great top layer for a Seattle spring.   

[For all you "pinners" out there, you can create and pin to Pinterest.]


stylish moms meet

A new website launched today.  Seems like more and more people understand that mothers are interested in many things.  We are savvy, creative, stylish, educated women- who just happened to give birth to offspring. 

Check it out. 


in a natural state

LiLo, Lindsay Lohan, was sporting a more natural look yesterday.  Going back to her red locks.  I have to say it is a HUGE improvement!
After years of  trying to successfully have my dark hair 'highlighted'-I threw in the towel!  It was always great with the first foil, but would eventually get way to light and then I would just cover it all with a single color [dark] and start again.  Plus, it was costing me a fortune.  So, now I spend about $8 every 3 months or so and do it myself.
clairol natural instincts brass-free for brunettes

It takes 10 minutes and it is pretty much fool proof.  It gives my color a little pick me up!  Clairol also sells a brass free color for blondes as well. 

Give it a try.  I bet you will be surprised by the results.  [And just think what you could do with all the cash you save.]

Color me happy!


lunch box blues

I have a kid that does not eat a darn thing at school.  It has been an ongoing saga in our house for three years.  If someone looked into his lunchbox they would be horrified.  A quick glance and one would conclude-
A) he has a horrible mother B) said mother is too lazy to pack him a nutritious lunch and C) this kid must be starving.  I have resorted to packing only 2 things I know he will eat.  I stack the lunchbox in my favor.  [I just want something in his body!]

In hopes of becoming a better mother [sigh], I googled lunch ideas and viola!  I came across a new blog.   J.M. Hirsch, a food editor and dad, blogs about packing his son's lunch in Lunch Box Blues. I think I may be in love.

He tracks what he packs for lunch and I am astonished!  He strives to pack his 7 year old son "real food" for lunch.  What I love about this man is that while he packs out of this world lunches, he is also a realist.  By admission, his son doesn't like vegetables and goes on PB&J benders.
 You must check out http://www.lunchboxblues.com/ .

his March 2nd lunch
pan fried ravioli, edamame, strawberries, and homemade chia seed pudding

He also writes about cooking at home.  His rule?  One bite.  You don't have to like it.  You just have to try it.

He penned the cookbook, High Flavor, Low Labor Reinventing Weeknight Cooking [buy here from amazon].  Pretty sure I need it.  He also writes a column on foodnetwork.com called Off the Beaten Aisle.  Here is just one entry about using creme fraiche in Croque Monsieur.  It looks simply divine. 
his recipe for Croque Monsieur [here]

Read more about J.M. Hirsh at his website and find links to his Food Network columns.  http://www.jmhirsch.com/

I hope you are as inspired as I am!  [Inspired. Not guilt ridden!]


a pineapple quench

Done with winter.

Dreaming of this....

And settling for this.

 alba refreshing pineapple quench clear lip gloss
get it [here]

Simply put, it is vacation on your lips.  Leaves your lips soft and shimmery.  Great on its own or over your favorite lip color.  Can't escape to paradise?  Carry it in your purse.  


hair envy

Debra Messing is back.  And so returns my ridiculously, bitter hair envy.  I will provide a bit of back history, so that you may fully understand this well-founded jealousy.  I am a curly girl.  In a world of stick straight locks, this was not always a wanted attribute.  I spent the greater part of a decade battling my natural state.  Blow driers, round brushes, flat brushes, hot rollers and then the flat iron. And then a long came Grace.
In 1998, Will and Grace debuted and my life changed.  I loved everything about Debra Messing, most especially her hair!  In a single word.  Awesome.  With my new love came envy.  How do they get her curls to look that good?  I have since been on the search of the exact cut, the right conditioner, and the the single product which will perfect my curls.

Over a decade later, Debra's hair still rocks!  Look how phenomenal she looks in Smash.

One product essential for anyone with curls or hair that tends to be dry~Moroccon Oil.
This keeps my curls soft, separated, and frizz free.   All great things and it smells amazing.

Here's to embracing what you have been given.  Don't fight it.  Try to love it [whatever it is].
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