in a natural state

LiLo, Lindsay Lohan, was sporting a more natural look yesterday.  Going back to her red locks.  I have to say it is a HUGE improvement!
After years of  trying to successfully have my dark hair 'highlighted'-I threw in the towel!  It was always great with the first foil, but would eventually get way to light and then I would just cover it all with a single color [dark] and start again.  Plus, it was costing me a fortune.  So, now I spend about $8 every 3 months or so and do it myself.
clairol natural instincts brass-free for brunettes

It takes 10 minutes and it is pretty much fool proof.  It gives my color a little pick me up!  Clairol also sells a brass free color for blondes as well. 

Give it a try.  I bet you will be surprised by the results.  [And just think what you could do with all the cash you save.]

Color me happy!

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