let freedom ring

one world trade center-freedom tower [Dec. 2011]

One World Trade Center, now up to 100 floors, will be the tallest building in Manhattan in a matter of days.  Standing in front of this massive construction site was overwhelming.  Mostly because it was painful to imagine what the area must have looked like moments [days, weeks, and months] after the two towers collapsed. 

This time-lapse video is breathtaking documentation of the rebuild.  Many years condensed into less than 2 minutes.

So happy to see the WTC 1 towering over the skyline.  It is a true symbol of resilience.  While deep, deep wounds may not completely heal, we can rebuild.  In the midst of sorrow, despair, or heartache there is a chance to emerge from the rubble and stand tall once again.


drink the water!

I am horrible about drinking enough water.  You know the whole 64 oz a day thing?  The intention is there (every day), but the follow through is lacking, considerably!  Herbs and fruit might just help set my head straight regarding a regular glass of agua. While shopping at a local market I spied (and sampled) this brilliant take on still water.  They added fresh basil, strawberries, and ice!  Oh, it was refreshingly delicious.  Going to be serving it up this summer for sure. 


all of the goodness, none of the guilt.

It is frozen treat season!  Just discovered Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt bar.  Creamy, not overly sweet, and pretty darn yummy.  Could we have found a "good for you" dessert on a stick?  I think so!  
[Calories-70, Fat-0g, Carb-11g, Protein-6g]


the shape of a mother

I know.  This is not a glamor shot.  Obvious absence of Photoshop.  And real.

This photo and the website the shape of a mother tries to show the truth about giving birth to a child.  Tummies [and other parts] don't always just snap right back into place.  We don't often see these images, except maybe in the privacy of our own bathrooms.  It mostly likely is the norm, yet we beat ourselves up for our less than perfect ____________. [Feel free to fill in that blank!]

I am trying to live with a simple creed in mind:
Eat foods that fuel your body.  Exercise.  And except that, which you have no control over.

Be kind to yourself today.  You are simply amazing.


lunch box love

I sometimes slip a note or a little lunchbox card in my kids' lunch boxes.  I recently came across these ingenious Say It Sandwich & Snack Bags.  [I realize that they are not fabric or environmentally kind-BUT they serve a purpose.]  Each has space to write your message.

Available at Kmart, Safeway, Kroger.  
Or you can buy them online at
Have a great weekend!


puffy face

Last week Ashely Judd wrote an op-ed piece in response to the buzz surrounding her "puffy face".
[there is a noticeable change to her appearance]

The rumors were she had "work" done that went horrible wrong.  When that was theory turned out to be untrue, the coverage immediately turned to a discussion of her weight.  While most celebrities either ride out the storm or have a publicist release a statement, she responded directly by writing an eloquent and thought-provoking editorial.

'Why was a puffy face cause for such a conversation in the first place? How, and why, did people participate? If not in the conversation about me, in parallel ones about women in your sphere?"
-Ashley Judd

Truly, why do we care that Ashely Judd's face is a little puffier than it used to be?  I love that she challenges all of us to reflect on the fact that it is seemingly o.k. to discuss a women's body [or a change in her appearance].  Don't we all have bigger things to worry about?

Read the entirety of her response at The Daily Beast.  I warn you...she uses really big words!


"summer rings"

While I can't remember if I have blogged about Ms. Angelina Jolie [sorry],  I have made it known to my facebook world that I do love her.  There are two camps.  Hate her.  Love her.  And there is no where in between.  I won't bore you with my reasoning....it is much like politics.  If you don't share my opinion, I will respectfully agree to disagree and leave it at that.

However, I am going to blog about this.........


Jewelry designer, Robert Procop just became infinitely more popular in Beverly Hills.  He designed this $250,000 dazzler.  Reportedly taking more than 1 year. Mr. Pitt done good.  It is truly a unique setting and that is not an easy feat.  How long until we see the same design at Zales or even better...set with CZ (cubic zirconia)? 

I refer to rings set with CZ as "summer rings".  As in...."some are real" and "some are not"! Love me a summer ring!  Shhhhhh, don't tell.




lessons from hot yoga

Well, it has happened.  Pretty sure I am officially middle aged.  After persistent muscle strains in my back, I had to look for a therapeutic form of exercise.  I settled on hot yoga and started last week.  And honestly my back is already feeling better....however with my muscle relief came a few other lessons.

  1. Hot yoga means it is really, really hot.  While I appreciate a good sweat, I am not a huge fan of others sweating profusely in close proximity to me.  Disgusting, really.
  2. Listening to deep cleansing breaths make me laugh. [At least to myself- under my shallow, immature breath.}
  3. My hamstrings are insanely tight.
  4. Looking around to compare yourself to others during balancing poses causes you to fall over.  
  5. I don't speak the language.  Literally.  I am consistently behind the "flow" in power yoga because I don't understand Sanskrit.
  6. Lululemon seemingly has taken over the world-one overpriced tank, with a clever name, at a time.
Some of you are dedicated yogis.  I applaud you.  It is a exercise of humility and endurance.  It is Monday and the yoga mat is calling. I have mastered child's pose and savasana with ease. Hoping this week I can get a little closer to the ground in my forward bend. Namaste.
[ps.  It's great to be back from a long hiatus!]
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