lessons from hot yoga

Well, it has happened.  Pretty sure I am officially middle aged.  After persistent muscle strains in my back, I had to look for a therapeutic form of exercise.  I settled on hot yoga and started last week.  And honestly my back is already feeling better....however with my muscle relief came a few other lessons.

  1. Hot yoga means it is really, really hot.  While I appreciate a good sweat, I am not a huge fan of others sweating profusely in close proximity to me.  Disgusting, really.
  2. Listening to deep cleansing breaths make me laugh. [At least to myself- under my shallow, immature breath.}
  3. My hamstrings are insanely tight.
  4. Looking around to compare yourself to others during balancing poses causes you to fall over.  
  5. I don't speak the language.  Literally.  I am consistently behind the "flow" in power yoga because I don't understand Sanskrit.
  6. Lululemon seemingly has taken over the world-one overpriced tank, with a clever name, at a time.
Some of you are dedicated yogis.  I applaud you.  It is a exercise of humility and endurance.  It is Monday and the yoga mat is calling. I have mastered child's pose and savasana with ease. Hoping this week I can get a little closer to the ground in my forward bend. Namaste.
[ps.  It's great to be back from a long hiatus!]

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