the shape of a mother

I know.  This is not a glamor shot.  Obvious absence of Photoshop.  And real.

This photo and the website the shape of a mother tries to show the truth about giving birth to a child.  Tummies [and other parts] don't always just snap right back into place.  We don't often see these images, except maybe in the privacy of our own bathrooms.  It mostly likely is the norm, yet we beat ourselves up for our less than perfect ____________. [Feel free to fill in that blank!]

I am trying to live with a simple creed in mind:
Eat foods that fuel your body.  Exercise.  And except that, which you have no control over.

Be kind to yourself today.  You are simply amazing.

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  1. Love this Denise! I'm thinking a lot about this stuff at the moment. Just watched the documentary, America The Beautiful, last night. If you haven't seen it, do! We are so unrealistic with ourselves. Good conversation. Thanks!


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