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Today marks the end of my time here in this space.  I started Where is June in 2009 when my boys were really, really young!  At first it was a private blog.  A few friends received blog updates sporadically, usually when I had a particularly bad day!  My first blog post was short and easily shows my state of mind {I had wanted to call my blog A Three Martini Play Date}.  In 2011 {with this post about Kim Kardashian}, I decided to shift the focus of the blog and post regularly.  For two years my friends have been regular readers and incredibly supportive!  I love everything about the blog world.  So, I am taking a huge risk.  Do what you love, love what you do. 

Throwing caution to wind, I bought my own domain, redesigned my blog from the bottom up, and migrated all of my content {4+ years of blog posts} to my very own space.  Below is a peek at Where is June's new look.  From now on you will find all my new blog posts @ whereisjune.com!  How exciting is that? 

I am ready for great things.  My number one goal now is to build my readership.  Where is June is written for the modern girl trying to make a home and raise a family while maintaining her sanity.  Could you help me by sharing Where is June with all of your friends?  Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you have faithfully supported me and "the little blog that could"! 

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A photo board

In lieu of gifts, I asked the guests at my husband's birthday party to bring along a photo of him {Recent, vintage, group or otherwise}.  The results of this request were one of the highlights of the evening.  My talented friend, Jen, made a gorgeous board for me.  Painted with chalkboard paint, guests were able to write the year the photo was taken.   I had simple roles of washi tape on hand to tape the photos onto the board.  New friends were able to see pictures from Aaron's childhood and long time friends were able to share their favorite snapshots.  Everything from current day shots with our boys to prom photos, team pictures, a classic school photo, and the {now} infamous ski photo I used for the invitation. 

It turned out even better than I hoped it would.  He has snap shots with all the people he loves in one place.  Now we need to find a place for it in his office. 


A street food party

This was the year of parking a large truck in front of our house and calling it a party!  For Aaron's 40th birthday, we hired a food truck to feed us for 2 hours.  The prep for this party was dreamy.  I simply filled some beverage dispensers with lemonade, threw ice and beer in galvanized tubs, and put my make-up on.  All the food was left in the hands of Contigo Mondern Mexican.

 {the evening's menu}

We served the Gorditas on trays in the back yard as appetizers.  They were small pockets of yummy [fried] goodness.  For dinner, each guest was able to order four tacos of their choice.  Many mixed and matched to sample them all. 

I loved how our guests mingled in the driveway when waiting for their tacos.  There were ongoing discussions regrading which taco was the favorite.  I am not sure there was a consensus, but my personal favorite was the Beef Picadillo.  The onion jam made this taco sweet and spicy.

To end our meal, we served churros.  Who doesn't love a churro?  In my opinion, there is nothing better than fried crispy dough coated with cinnamon sugar.  I may have had more than one [and possibly one heated up the next morning for breakfast].

Contigo also brought along Habenero Lemonade.  It was curiously hot, sweet and spicy all at the same time.  There was vodka and tequila to mix in, as well as regular lemonade.  A signature cocktail that was simple and easy to serve. 

The meal, from start to finish, was divine!  The Contigo staff served delicious food and were breeze to work with.  I would highly recommend hiring a food truck for a special occasion.  As the hostess, you have absolutely no stress regarding the meal and your guests will love it.

[If you live in the Seattle area, I used Seattle Food Truck to find Contigo.  It was an amazing resource to find a truck to cater your event.  Plus, it lists all of the food trucks in the area and where they are serving up food during the week.] 


A press-on tatoo

For my husband's 40th birthday party, I decided to have a little fun with a press-on tattoo.  I ordered temporary ink to wear the night of his party.  Easily applied with a wet wash cloth {just like the tattoos you put on little kids}, it was a fun way to celebrate his big day.  Aaron was completely surprised and not-so-secretly loved it!  That makes me smile. 

It is a great gift for your significant other on his or her birthday or your anniversary.  Also, wouldn't it be so sweet for a bride and groom to wear one on their wedding day that only their new spouse will see?


Gum wall

A recent trip to the Pike Place Market marked our first visit to Seattle's Gum Wall.  It is located in Post Alley under Pike Place Market.  [Find Rachel the Pig and go down a short flight of stairs.  Turn right at the bottom and you are there.] 

Visually, it is striking.  Colorful and textured.   Standing back from it you almost forget it is chewed gum.  Almost.  The boys couldn't visit without leaving their mark.  Will jumped right in and stretched his gum long and left it dangling from a pipe.  Little Man was apprehensive, but eventually went for it.  He really wanted to shape his gum into the letter H because he had noticed that some visitors had spelled out their name or messages and left them on the wall.  When it proved to be a tedious job he just stuck his next to his big brother's.  I delicately stuck my piece to a very small empty space on the wall. 

Being a tourist in your own city is a great way to spend a summer's day.


Birthday boys.

June 21st is a REALLY big day in our house.  Two birthdays on the very same day.  In 2004 we spent the entire day in a birthing suite waiting for Will's arrival.  Over planning has always being one of my strengths, so I had birthday gifts wrapped and ready for Aaron in the back of my car.  I sent him down to the parking garage to fetch them as soon as the epidural was in full effect.  [The nurses thought I was Wife of the Year!]  Presents were important because Aaron wasn't too sure about sharing his big day, but I knew how great it would be.  You see, I share a birthday with my dad. [Amazing coincidence, right?]  It was great to celebrate together and I wouldn't think of having it any other way.  Aaron now feels the same way.

Since Will's first birthday, we have hosted large family celebrations!  Cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and a few friends made for great backyard barbeques. 

With a milestone birthday this year for Aaron, there are multiple celebrations.  [I promise to fill you in on the details from his 40th birthday party very soon! ]  Will already partied with his friends and it was pretty much the best party for nine year old boys.  Why not pull up an RV loaded with video games and screens and throw sixteen kids in there for 90 minutes?  Best. Party. Ever.

All my love to my birthday boys! 


Baked [bite size] brie

We invited the parents of Big W's friends to enjoy a glass of wine and a few nibbles at the end of his birthday party.  It was a wonderful way to kick off summer!  I wanted one warm appetizer, amongst the olives, vegetables and hummus.  These little bite size baked brie were perfectly salty and sweet.   There were a handful of boys that grabbed one too! 

Easy ingredients:
2 sheets frozen puff pastry sheets
Brie cheese
Preserves of your choosing.  [I used a fig spread.]
1 egg to be used for an egg wash.  

Cut each pastry sheet into 24 small rectangles.  Whisk together one egg and a splash of milk.  Brush the egg wash on 12 of the small rectangles and place a small slice of brie and a dollop of preserves on each one.

Top each one with remaining squares.  Press down edges of pastry with the tines of a fork.  Also, prick the top.  Place on parchment paper.  Brush with egg wash and sprinkle with salt. Bake at 375 degrees for 8-10 minutes. 

You could easily make these ahead of time and pop them in the oven just minutes before your guests arrive.  It is hard to resist the delicious goodness of anything made with puff pastry.  Enjoy!

You may have missed:
A great summer pizza made with fig spread, goat cheese, peaches and arugula. 

{Recipe adapted from Joy the Baker}
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