Birthday boys.

June 21st is a REALLY big day in our house.  Two birthdays on the very same day.  In 2004 we spent the entire day in a birthing suite waiting for Will's arrival.  Over planning has always being one of my strengths, so I had birthday gifts wrapped and ready for Aaron in the back of my car.  I sent him down to the parking garage to fetch them as soon as the epidural was in full effect.  [The nurses thought I was Wife of the Year!]  Presents were important because Aaron wasn't too sure about sharing his big day, but I knew how great it would be.  You see, I share a birthday with my dad. [Amazing coincidence, right?]  It was great to celebrate together and I wouldn't think of having it any other way.  Aaron now feels the same way.

Since Will's first birthday, we have hosted large family celebrations!  Cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and a few friends made for great backyard barbeques. 

With a milestone birthday this year for Aaron, there are multiple celebrations.  [I promise to fill you in on the details from his 40th birthday party very soon! ]  Will already partied with his friends and it was pretty much the best party for nine year old boys.  Why not pull up an RV loaded with video games and screens and throw sixteen kids in there for 90 minutes?  Best. Party. Ever.

All my love to my birthday boys! 

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