Keeping summer minds active

Let them run, get dirty, stay up late, sleep in, eat s'mores, and just be kids! Summer is pretty fantastic in so many ways!  However, doing work that looks like school can be a total drag.  I am taking a new approach this summer.  I am throwing out the workbooks [actually I just didn't buy them] and being more creative.  I thought I would share my new approach with you.

Here are few [fun] summer learning ideas to keep their minds active:

//Board Games//
Scrabble- Builds spelling, creativity & strategy, math skills. 
Rummikube-  Builds problem solving and math skills
Apples to Apples - Excellent game to build vocabulary and practice reading. 
Balderdash - Players must use language creatively to create a definition of an unknown word. 

Books on CD- My oldest loves to listen to novels on CD. He enjoys the narrators. Look for them at your local library for check out.  It is a great way to spend a lazy afternoon. [Picture books are also available with CD recordings!]

TumbleBooks - eBooks online.  We have access to TumbleBooks through our county library system.  Ask if your library has TumbleBooks or something similar.

Read a book/Watch the movie - Don't you love to read a book and then see the movie?  So do kids!  The possibilities are endless.  Hoot was the last book/movie combo Big W completed. 

Roll coins old school style.  Grab some paper wrappers from the bank, give your kids your spare change jar, and get counting.  Perfect for skip counting practice and coin recognition.  Who needs Coinstar?  We've got kids!

Cool Math games  An amazing assortment of math games.  Little Man would play for hours if I let him!

Bake from scratch.  On a cool day [or any day of you have A/C], bake something from scratch.  Recipes reinforce following directions and the understanding of fractions. 

All about Me- A wonderful keepsake!  Kids fill in the pages all about themselves!

Send postcards. - Sadly, many kids don't have many opportunities to send mail.  Don't wait to go on vacation.  Find a few postcards at the local drugstore, write a quick message and address it.  Great practice for writing addresses in the correct form.

Start a Blogger blog. - Yes!  Kids can have blogs too.  They are easy to set up and free.  Any topic can work for a blog as long is the writer is passionate about the subject.  My kids write about their summer adventures.

Story Stones - Stones with images help kids tell or write a story.  You could make your own or purchase these incredibly cute hand painted stones.  [I think they would be a great gift!]

Ed Emberly - These learn to draw books are perfect for kids [and grown ups].  They are so easy to follow and kids feel successful right away.

Creative Haven Coloring Book- These graphically beautiful coloring books are amazing for older kids.  Believe me, they still love to color.

Doodle Books  - Ever heard, "I don't know what to draw?"  The doodle books help kids get their pictures started with a few lines already on the page and a prompt on how to finish the drawing.  Hours of fun!

Create a photo book - Let your kids take pictures throughout the summer and help them make a keepsake photo book. 

LEGOS- This link is to a blog that presents 52 LEGO challenges. It includes challenges to build a bridge, a playground, and a flag.

//iPad Apps//
Where's My Water? 
Where's My Perry?    
Stack the States
Word Bingo  

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  1. Great ideas Denise!! Thanks -

    1. You are so welcome! Have a great summer!


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