i drink to that

Cheers to the freakin' weekend. 
I drink to that, yeah yeah
Oh, let the Jameson sink in
I drink to that, yeah yeah

Can't get enough of this song! 

Cheers.  Be safe!


sidwalk surfers, dude.

As I continue to prep for summer, I have to share about Sanuk shoes.  My oldest did not want another pair of Crocs, but we needed something a little more substantial than flip flops.  A pair of sidewalk surfers was the answer.  Total lucky find.

Easy to put on.  Extremely comfortable (or so I am told).  Plus, I love the way they look.  Great with cargo shorts, a swimming suit, or jeans.  Certainly a big boy look! 

The biggest guy in our house scored a pair as well.  My husband hates flip flops.  However, I told him he was no longer allowed to wear his sneakers to the pool.  Under advisement that he wasn't going to like them at all-I bought him a pair as well.  
He loves them.  Didn't take them off our entire trip.  Absolutely perfect for the airport (adults still have to take off their shoes) and they looked great with his board shorts.  (And I am certain I heard him say under his breath, "Babe, you were right- like always.")  

Check out all their great stuff! http://www.sanuk.com/

Outfit the guys in your life.  Bring on summer!


have salad, will travel

 [via crate&barrel]

Cookout and potluck season is right around the corner!  I really wanted this salad bowl and servers set last summer, but waited too long and they were gone.  Chill pack on the bottom, servers that snap into the lid.....all around brilliant!  I am running this week to Crate and Barrel and snatching one up.  

[ps.  it is $11.95!]

Bring on summer!


more nutella love

[via babble.com]
The love of Nutella in our home has been well documented.  [read more about our obsession here].  And now I have one more way to use this deliciously, smooth cupboard staple.  Preschool is almost out for summer, with two extra weeks of mornings (and afternoons) to fill up.  Thinking my little guy and I will try making these self-frosting Nutella cupcakes.  
Anyone else love Nutella as much as my H? 


spreading aloha

We call them flip flops (my dad calls them thongs, but that is just embarrassing!)  The Hawaiians call them slippers and I am in love with my new Locals slippers.  Greatest purchase on my recent trip Maui!  I wanted to get my boys an inexpensive pair of flips.  Our friends that live on Maui suggested Longs Drugs.  "You can get anything at Longs."

Locals were the only flip flops they had, so that is what they got.  They were $2.99 a pair.  At that price I decided to splurge and get myself a pair.  Mine were slightly more expensive at $3.99....and I will say are extremely comfortable!  I went with basic black soles and translucent black straps, but they had fun colors in sizes ranging from toddler to adult!

Heading to a Hawaiian island soon?  Pop into a Longs Drugs and outfit your entire family with flip flops for the price you would pay for one pair on the mainland.  You will not regret it.

[Or you could order from them their website http://localsusa.com/.  It will cost you a bit more this way but it is an easy way to bring the islands to you.]

 Bring on summer! 


trading up

Tomorrow I am trading up.


for these.
And this.....
for this.

Aloha!  I will be back in two weeks.  Refreshed and ready for the downhill slide into summer. 


a sweet indulgence

Not sure if I could be more excited about the gifts I am giving our moms for Mother's Day.  Needing to get something in the mail by Monday, I was feeling the pressure to find a gift that was thoughtful, unique, and easy.  BINGO.  Bananappeal!

All natural, ready to eat, banana-based desserts, baked and sold in glass jars.  To-die-for cute.  [And I am in love with their web site!] Every single one of the desserts looks delicious.  There are 4 frosted cake varieties and 4 ready to eat cheesecakes.  And to my amazing good fortune, two of the cheesecakes are gluten-free!  [Yes, I am blessed with a gluten free husband and mother-in-law].

banana salted caramel-frosted cake

banana gingersnap cheesecake

banana tiramisu cheesecake*gluten free

You can purchase these yummy cuties at gilt taste or williams-sonoma.
Check out the entire menu at http://www.bananappeal.com/

I will not reveal my exact delivery order in case any of our special ladies read this post.  [We sure do love you mom, Jeannie, and Pam.  We are blessed and lucky to have you! ]  I am seriously considering ordering some for myself.....happy mother's day to me.


one crazed mama

Ever feel like this?  If only I had 8 arms and a way to clone myself.  It might be possible to get it all done.  Thursdays are my manic days.  Back to back practices with dinner shoved in between somehow.  Homework often gets pushed to after 8pm, which is super fun time for a 2nd grader to be doing math.

Last week I posted a Facebook status.

"Tuesday nights we are all home, with nowhere to go.  No games, no practices, no batting practice.  That means family dinner.  Everyone eats at the same time, together.  I treasure Tuesday nights."

It got me to thinking.  If 30+ people took the time to hit the "like" button on my status, it must have hit a nerve.  We are all busy.  We are all SO busy.  Ever feel like there is no going back?  No way to change this hectic, fast paced life we have created for ourselves.  I dream sometimes of pulling the plug on all things extra and hunker down with my little family.  Would we be any better off?  Would my children grow up to be more well-rounded adults?  Would I lose my mind?  [I fear we would drive each other insane within the first 48 hours.]  I just don't know.

For now, I will enjoy my Tuesdays and loathe my Thursdays.  


cold hard truth

We all need that one person in our lives that will tell us the cold hard truth.  No matter what.  A girlfriend, sister, whomever.  Sometimes the truth is hard to hear, but consider the alternative.

Ms. Mariah Carey needed that sounding board this week in Austria.  She wore a one piece ski ensemble that did nothing to flatter her.  Where was her person?  This get up was just really unfortunate on so many levels.  I can't imagine it was all-together that comfortable either.

No one around to ask, "Does this look good?"  Let's learn from Mariah's fashion mistake.   If it is tugging a bit, best to choose something else. 


taco tuesday

What's for dinner?  Well it's Tuesday...so make some tacos!  I made these Shrimp Tacos for dinner last night and they don't disappoint!  Spicy shrimp, crunchy slaw, a squeeze of lime.  Deelish.

A quick and easy Pioneer Woman recipe.  I made a few changes.  I didn't have the pico de gallo [to be honest, I actually forgot to grab it while I was at the store.]  We added a dollop of crema agria-mexican style sour cream instead.  I also used canned jalapenos in the slaw.  If you made the coleslaw and peeled the shrimp in the early afternoon, this dinner could take less than 15 minutes to get on the table! Perfect mid-week meal.

PS.  Adding a magarita would put it over the top.
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