nutella lovers unite!

Ask my youngest what he wants for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and his response will quickly and emphatically be, "A chocolate sandwich."  Sadly he has one at least one a day.   A chocolate sandwich?  Uh, that would be Nutella between two pieces of bread.  The only redeeming nutritional value is that I serve it on two pieces of whole wheat bread.  I do draw a line somewhere. 

This Sunday, February 5th, is World Nutella Day.  The official website declares:  Nutella lovers unite for one day!  Well wouldn't you know....a day made just for my little man.  I could have contributed an idea for the website's recipes.  I have grilled the sandwich in the morning with each piece of bread buttered.  I think if you added a sliced banana, it could be pretty darn delicious. 
Interested in celebrating something other than the Super Bowl on Sunday?

OR if you live in the Seattle area-you may indulge your Nutella tooth on Sunday!

Zeppole, Nutella Mascarpone, Ginger Sugar
airy, deliciously yeasty dough that’s fried crisp, dusted in a ginger sugar and then filled with a rich Nutella mascarpone

In honor of World Nutella Day, High 5 Pie will be serving chocolate Nutella tarts with a pretzel crust on Sunday.  @high5pie

OR head down to your local grocer and pick up a jar.  it sits right next to the peanut butter. 

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  1. I have eaten them at cantinetta - and yes they are to die for! thanks for the reminder - must go again soon ;)


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