[one can dream]

I occasionally let my mind wander.  What would I build if I could design my house for my modern housewife life?  The plans would not be grand, but my dreams are specific.  

1.  mudroom.
Let's be honest.  This isn't a frivolous dream....this is a necessity when you live in the Northwest. 
OmG!  This one is perfect.  Floors that can get wet and muddy, storage for all that 'stuff' that comes along with a busy family, and a work station for a modern housewife.  And look, a built-in for the printer and cabinets to conceal all that must be hidden. 

2.  a cavernous laundry room
I feel serene just looking at these shots.  I picture myself standing at that table folding my family's laundry and smiling.  How could you not smile?  One might actually look forward to throwing in a load of towels.  [ok. that might be stretching it a bit.]

3.  a welcoming entry way. 
[inspiration directly from Trove Interiors]
Welcome to our home, we're glad you're here.  That is what I would love for my entry to say.  [And I will take all that natural sunlight as well.]  
For most of us, we are dealing with the existing architecture of our home and the shortcomings of our creativity.  These scenes above are a far distance from the reality.  

Case in point:

My entry/mudroom?  Can't be the mudroom because we don't enter through the front door.  Yes, we have a place to hang our 'stuff', but all I see is old, dated wood.  An entire wall of brick and back packs that never actually make it onto the hooks. 

So, I will keep dreaming, planning and picking up back packs. 

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