feet first

I came across this website today and immediately thought....how ingenious! 

Tom Robinson writes:
"While sitting on Brighton beach (England) back in 2005 with my new girlfriend Verity I suddenly thought the view of our feet pointing out to sea would make a nice photo. Ever since then, we’ve continued to document our travels in this way, resulting in a collection of over 90 photos. In 2011 the series took a new twist with the arrival of a third set of feet – our daughter Matilda."
 third set of feet

Don't you just love it?  I am a little late in the game, but if you know someone who recently started dating.....pass along the idea. You never know where your feet might lead you! 

His website:  http://www.tomrobinsonphotography.com/feet-first/

PS.  insanely jealous of all the amazing places they have traveled together! 

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