odds and ins

The CHAOS got the best of me this last week!  I am totally behind and so I will not give a new task for the week.  (Oh, it is secretly great when you control the homework assignments.  But that is entirely a different blog post!)

A few odds and ins:

1.  I Loved with a capital L ...... Smash last night.  Did you see it?  I can't wait until next week.  This was my favorite scene. 

2.  Love that App:  Where's my Water?
I recently downloaded this app and played it Saturday morning with my youngest for 2 hours.  We were in the ski lodge with time to kill.  We both think is was pretty super!  Produced by Disney, it is thoughtful in its design.  My kids adore the graphics and all the levels to unlock.  I appreciate that it is a physics based game with tons of reasoning skills needed to complete each level.  Cause and effect is taught through the introduction of toxic ooze, algae, traps and triggers.  Bottom line though, it is just plain fun.  (Plus, I love the price at $.99!)

3.  Vitamin D is good for the soul (and spirit and mental well-being)!  

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