who let the ninjas out?

Well, let the craziness commence.

Already this morning I have outfitted my boys in ninja and Clone Troopers costumes and watched a Halloween parade.  Later today I will help "host" a Halloween party at preschool for 20+ four and five year olds.  Back home to rest, until off to dinner at friend's and the grand finale of trick or treating! 

What are the pitfalls of this dreaded Halloween nigh for mothers?  Here are few from my highlight reel:
  • small child with a fever of 101 puking all over the carpet as we ready to trick-or-treat
  • same small child pees in not one- but two costumes in the same night.  (thank god for the dress up bin!)
  • a toddler who doesn't comprehend why you wouldn't eat the candy as soon as someone hands it to you.  (No need for a trick or treat bag!)
  • the perfect costume rips at a party days before Halloween-and I forget to mend it like I promised.  
  • the most awesome Clone Trooper helmet won't stay together and continually falls off.  (I guess the small velcro tabs were not a great design choice)
All in all, October 31 is all about the kids.  I know many adults LOVE to dress up.  Don't count me as one of them.  The extent of my costume effort is a t-shirt and some crazy eyelashes.  Good luck to all of you tonight.

May your trick-or-treating be pee free and may your kids collect handfuls of your favorite candy (so you can eat it after they go to bed!)
Happy Halloween!


occupy wall street. buy from main street.

Every year I set a goal.  Finish holiday shopping before Nov. 1.  Well, it is Oct 18th and I haven't started, but I suppose there is a faint possibility that it will happen. Doubtful, but possible. 

When the shopping does commence, my goal is to use local shops to stuff our stockings.  Last year, I loved the feeling of holiday, community, and spirit in every small shop I walked into.  I look forward to great customer service, seeing their displays, and finding one of a kind gifts.

A few of my local favorites:

Island Books-Mercer Island
greatest book store around.  Books, gifts, expertise, and amazing service.  They ship anywhere in the US for free.

glassybaby- Seattle/Bellevue/NYC
one of kind, works of art!  Great gift for almost anyone on your list.

Sweetie-West Seattle
fantastic boutique with amazing finds in every corner. 

Bellevue Art & Frame-Bellevue
frames, decor, toys, art supplies.  the list is extensive! 

What are your favorite local shops?  Post them and let others know.  Support local business owners! 


love that app

If you are like me....you love your iPhone.  And a new app is an easy way to liven up an otherwise boring, dull day.  I have found that I use my phone as my point and shoot camera almost exclusively now.  While the camera itself in the iPhone 4 is fairly decent, it lacks editing features.  Just found 2 apps that I wanted to share with you!  Just got them, but they both have excellent reviews. 


"With Camera+ you’re able to use your iPhone to shoot the best photos you possibly can. Packed with several useful features that your standard camera app doesn’t include, your pics will improve the instant you start using Camera+." ~ campl.us
Some of the added features:
  • touch exposure and focus
  • multiple shooting modes-including self portrait and burst (for action shots)
  • photo flashlight
  • 6x zoom
  • cropping

"You can create some pretty stunning photos with the Color Splash app ($0.99). The app converts a photo to black and white while keeping some parts of the image in color so they really pop. It takes a little practice to edit correctly, but a helpful red tint makes it easy to identify the borders between color and black-and-white sections." about.com~Tanya Menoni

This is a screen shot with a jazzed picture in ColorSplash.  (I didn't take it, but I think this app is uber-cool!)


no is a four letter word

(First and foremost, my grandest and most sincere apologies for taking a week off. I am pretty sure in the world of blogging that is a huge no-no.  But since I do this just for fun, I am almost certain you will all forgive me!)

Anyone need one of these buttons right about now?  Find yourself saying yes a little too often?

Some questions in life are met with a whole-hearted ..YES!  Would you like to go out?  Yes!  Would you like to travel to Italy?  Yes!  Will you marry me?  Yes!  Others, and those that most of us are faced with every day, also get a yes -but not an enthusiastic one.

In my world, being a parent of school aged children, yeses look something like this.  Yes, I can provide a peanut free snack.  Yes, I will chaperone a field trip in the pouring rain.  Yes, I will serve as room parent.  I would love to sit on a new PTA committee.  Sure, I'll coach.  I guess I can volunteer more than 1 hour a week in the classroom.  You think I can organize a large family event? (notice that last one isn't really a yes....but it is not a no.) Yes. Yes. Yes.

Your yeses could be very similar or very different.  But let's face it, no is a four letter word masquerading as a two letter word. 

Why do we say yes when we really mean no?
Guilt.  We don't want to disappoint anyone.  Peer pressure.  Keeping up.  Climbing a ladder headed somewhere.  Someone has to say yes.  No one else is saying yes.  Worried the boss might be pissed.  Guilt.

We know the phrase, but too often forget it.  It is OK to say no.  (Repeat that 3 times to your self.)

How do we solve this problem? Maybe it is as simple as this.  Say yes to things that interest you.  Say yes to something you are passionate about. Say yes for things that honestly add to the the well-being of your family.  Say yes to things that feed your soul.  Say yes to something that does not revolve around or involve your children.  Say yes to something that allows you to spend time with people you truly like.  Say yes, but be picky.

Say hell ya...to saying no!
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