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If you are like me....you love your iPhone.  And a new app is an easy way to liven up an otherwise boring, dull day.  I have found that I use my phone as my point and shoot camera almost exclusively now.  While the camera itself in the iPhone 4 is fairly decent, it lacks editing features.  Just found 2 apps that I wanted to share with you!  Just got them, but they both have excellent reviews. 


"With Camera+ you’re able to use your iPhone to shoot the best photos you possibly can. Packed with several useful features that your standard camera app doesn’t include, your pics will improve the instant you start using Camera+." ~ campl.us
Some of the added features:
  • touch exposure and focus
  • multiple shooting modes-including self portrait and burst (for action shots)
  • photo flashlight
  • 6x zoom
  • cropping

"You can create some pretty stunning photos with the Color Splash app ($0.99). The app converts a photo to black and white while keeping some parts of the image in color so they really pop. It takes a little practice to edit correctly, but a helpful red tint makes it easy to identify the borders between color and black-and-white sections." about.com~Tanya Menoni

This is a screen shot with a jazzed picture in ColorSplash.  (I didn't take it, but I think this app is uber-cool!)

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