watch your mouth!

"Watch your mouth or I will wash it out with soap!" Bring back any memories?  Let's call it throw-back mothering.  And, yep, I have shouted that a time or two in the last few months.  It seems my boys [9 and 6 years old] know all the major swear words.  Super!!  My sweet little babes have the knowledge to swear like a trucker. 

Is there a more effective tool than a bar of soap?  I think not.  I use good old Dove soap to wash my face, so I had a bar available when I needed it.  [Luckily it appears that my boys are quick learners.  Once was enough, thank you very much!]  However, most modern day moms only have liquid soap around the house.  So what is a mother to do?  A friend recently shared her swabbing technique when a bar of soap is not handy.  Simply squeeze a small line of Dawn dish washing soap on your index finger and swab the inside of their mouth.  [An alternative would be to rub the soap on their front teeth.]  I could not stop giggling as she described her method!  If only our kids knew the enjoyment we get from discussing their demise.  Evil I tell you, pure evil. 

What techniques do you use to dissuade your children from swearing?

Old school methods are effective, including throw back snack service.  Why fix it if it isn't broke?

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