layered bracelets

layered bracelets

layered bracelets by juneheartsfashion

Summer tanks and maxi dresses are calling out to be accessorized.  There is nothing better than wearing simple earrings and a stacked wrist!  I love that you can layer many kinds of bracelets together.  Mix and match.  The more the better.  Scrounge around in your drawers and jewelry boxes and find bracelets that you haven't worn in a long time.  Play with different combinations until you find one you like.  The stack can change with your mood or your outfit.  It is all about having fun.  Go for it.

Feeling inspired?  Snap a pic and Instagram your stacked wrist.  [Tag me. @seattlejune]

edgy stack from Target
feminine stack from Biscuit
boho stack [Pura Vida] from Metropark
statement stack is [one fabulous, over-the-top piece] the Hermes Alchimie Bracelet 

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