a quick switch

When life gets busy and you are rushing out the door to get the kids to school or practice, who has time to painstakingly move all the contents from your purse into another so that it will coordinate with your outfit?  Not me.

However, with the help of a small pouch that holds all my essentials [like hair ties, lip gloss, Advil, hand sanitizer] and a trinket box for small miscellaneous items I can make the switch in less than 30 seconds.  I don't use any of the pockets in my hand bags for storage.  Except for my cell phone,  everything goes into the zip pouch for safe keeping and easy transfer.

Hand Bag #1

 A zippered pouch in a fun print + macron shaped trinket box

Hand bag #2

A quick switch in 30 seconds and nothing is lost or left behind!
Where are you going today?

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