Where is June? meets Oh Joy!

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Joy Cho, from Oh Joy! I read her blog every day and I am blown away by her creativity and talent.  Not surprisingly, she was warm, kind, and damn right cute!  Her blog represents her perfectly.  

Joy was hosting an event at the Seattle [Downtown] Anthropologie to celebrate the opening of their one and only, brick-and-mortar Petites Shop.  Petite sections are usually miniscule.  Anthropologie went all out.  Jeans, dresses, tops, jackets!  The choices are endless.  [This girl has found her home away from home!]  Champagne cocktails, shopping, and treats from Ballard's Hot Cakes made for a great night out. 

PS.  Petite girls can rule the world!

I didn't pack along my big girl camera, so the three images above were snapped with my iPhone.  The beautiful images below were taken by Phil Chester Photography.

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