A new space. A big risk.

Today marks the end of my time here in this space.  I started Where is June in 2009 when my boys were really, really young!  At first it was a private blog.  A few friends received blog updates sporadically, usually when I had a particularly bad day!  My first blog post was short and easily shows my state of mind {I had wanted to call my blog A Three Martini Play Date}.  In 2011 {with this post about Kim Kardashian}, I decided to shift the focus of the blog and post regularly.  For two years my friends have been regular readers and incredibly supportive!  I love everything about the blog world.  So, I am taking a huge risk.  Do what you love, love what you do. 

Throwing caution to wind, I bought my own domain, redesigned my blog from the bottom up, and migrated all of my content {4+ years of blog posts} to my very own space.  Below is a peek at Where is June's new look.  From now on you will find all my new blog posts @ whereisjune.com!  How exciting is that? 

I am ready for great things.  My number one goal now is to build my readership.  Where is June is written for the modern girl trying to make a home and raise a family while maintaining her sanity.  Could you help me by sharing Where is June with all of your friends?  Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you have faithfully supported me and "the little blog that could"! 

Let's connect!
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  2. The brand new Where is June? Facebook page.  Make sure to like this new page.  This is where I will posting links to new blog posts and other goodies each day.  
  3. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram.  {@seattlejune}. Can't get enough of me, right?
  4. Follow me on Pinterest.  How lovely to be able to collect and share inspiration.  
  5. Connect privately. denise@whereisjune.com 

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