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We are entering the gray area of the school year.  Not yet over, but motivation is diminishing [on all fronts.].  We have to keep them reading!  Finding a book they are excited about is key.  I wanted to share with you the titles of two series that are huge hits in our house!

little guys read: Elephant and Piggie

Elephant & Piggie books by Mo Willems are some of Little Man's favorites.  They are great for new readers.  The text is simple and predictable.  The story lines are easy for kids to relate to and the characters are hilarious!  The newest title, A Big Guy Took My Ball, arrived on our doorstep this week.  We highly recommend these books for kids of all ages. 

big guys read: Wings of Fire

Wings of Fire [Books 1 & 2 so far....] is series about five dragonettes, baby dragons, with a destiny to save their world.  Big W, almost 9, was hooked from the first page.  He devoured the first two books and has been anxiously awaiting the release of the the third installment, due out in June.  My oldest is a reluctant reader, so if he is jazzed about this series I can only imagine that many others would be too.

What books do your kids love to read?

Remember, Guys Read, is a great resource to find books boys [and girls] will love to read.
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