scaredy squirrel

Can't help but share my adoration for a children's picture book series with all of you.  I will admit, I have fallen in love with Scaredy Squirrel.

Who could resist that face?

My youngest son is equally crazy for Scaredy.  We read his books over and over.   Scaredy is always scared of something.
And he always has a plan, but it always falls apart.  I appreciate Melanie Watt's sense of humor and her creative illustrations.  She uses captions on many pages that add to the fun. The kids recognize the silliness, which provides plenty of giggles at bedtime.  Scaredy Squirrel has six books and all of them are outstanding.  [The books are aimed for children 4 and up, but the humor entertains children of all ages.]

Find Scaredy at amazon or your local independent book store.  [or the library!]

Scaredy will also have his very own website soon. http://scaredysquirrel.com/
[We are pretty excited about it at our house.]

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