they made me a mom.

 [these monkeys make me a mama]

Oh yes! They are completely crazy, but they are mine. They made me a mom.  Nothing has been the same since I held my little men in my arms.  Instant love.  Nothing has ever made me so happy.   I know you feel the same. 

My hope is that you are celebrated in every way this weekend!  Celebrated for making lunches, signing permission slips, reading books at bedtime, planning birthday parties, playing chauffeur, doing the laundry, finding a lost toy, calling the furnace repairman, going on field trips, cheering at games, working extremely hard at your "other" job in the outside world, burning the candle on both ends, worrying you are doing right.   Celebrated for being kind, graceful, loving, loyal, committed, fierce, beautiful and real.  Happy Mother's Day to all of you!  xoxo
{P.S.  I love you Mom!}

And the text from my very first blog post in 2009.  I was just a mom trying to survive. And so [Where is June?] was born. 

Ever think you are the only one?

Why blog? Because the cool kids do it? No, I want to write as a form of free therapy! Often times at the end of the day, I wonder if I am the only one that needed to send a child to his room 8 times for not listening and talking back. Or if any other mother had to add a lock to the door into the garage so that her toddler wouldn't sneak out to sit in "daddy's car"! Or if am the ONLY ONE who feels like the hostess, waitress, cook, bus boy, and the dishwasher. And no one ever seems to leave a tip!

If you would like to "listen" in....I am happy to share! Any advice? I would be happy to take it!

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