throw back snack service

This is a post that many, many moms have asked me to write.  Now seems like the perfect time!

Sunday marks the beginning of a new era for us.  Our first soccer jamboree.  A real team, with a real jersey, and real games.  (Up to this point it has just been micro soccer with a scrimmage.)  This is also usually means the creation of the snack calendar.  You know what I am speaking of, right?  Each family chooses a game in which they will provide snack for the entire team (and usually siblings).  Just like the dreaded goodie bag (see my previous post the goodie bag dilemma), this has gotten out of control!

Gone are the days when a family provided orange slices and water for half time.  Oh, no.  The snacks are usually consumed after the game, so it can be pretty much anything.  Some mothers freak over the nutritional value and spend precious time trying to provide a kid friendly snack that is healthy.  Others totally cave to their little angels and buy cookies, cupcakes, or doughnuts.  Don't get me wrong.   I love a good cookie, but do our kids really need a reward for spending an hour playing a game with their friends? Or if you are more like me, you forget until 15 minutes before game time and have to stop at the store and grab the first thing that catches your eye. 

Once the calendar is created it is like an ominous cloud hanging overhead.  Is it our snack day?  With so many children with allergies (some very serious) you must make sure that everyone can safely eat your snack.  Do you also provide drinks with your snack?  How many siblings will be at the game?  Small children dissolve quickly into tears if they aren't also treated to a snack.  The hassle goes on and on.  It is hard enough to have a clean uniform and to get to the game on time.  Must we cause ourselves another headache?

I already know I am not the only one who feels this way.  BUT, who will be the one that says anything?  (Probably no one!)  Maybe I should suggest this season we follow the trend of many pro teams wearing a "throw back" jersey.  We should serve "throw back" snacks.  Oranges and water for all!  Not a totally elimination of snack, but a step in the right direction.


  1. OMG.. you have hit the nail.. I cant stand the pressure. I say go back to oranges and water.

  2. Okay Denise, This is my first response so first let me say - Don't cave to the mini van!!! Now that I have said my peace, you are so on the mark! I was pleasantly surprised yesterday at my youngest daughters soccer practice when the coach brought out oranges at the end to refresh. I am snack for the first game of our tournament this weekend and I am going to surge ahead. With a 0930 game, oranges seem like a very appropriate snack. Let's see if I get push back.

  3. My most favorite coach of all time stated at the parent meeting at the start of the season, "every kid bring your own water bottle and if your child needs to eat, pack your own snack.". It was awesome!! Plus it made mid-season ice cream stops and the end-of-season pizza party super special.


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