camp recap

It has been a fun-filled week.  Here is our recap:
  1. A trip to the Museum of Flight
  2. 3 bike rides (mom on running shoes) equaling 8 miles or so.
  3. 3 days of swim lessons
  4. 60 minutes of tutoring.  60 more minutes reading for fun.....(in my dreams!!)
  5. gift shop purchases totaling $5.40 at the museum
  6. a trip to the Adventure Playground  (unbelievably fun for all)
  7. one karate lesson
  8. 2 soft serve ice cream cones at McDonald's
  9. teeth cleaning
  10. pool time
  11. 2,000 points at Power Play=1 hour of fun on video games
  12. one snack attack!  vitamin water, apple juice, bag of chips

They paid for everything with their budget and they officially have money left for today.  Looks like a trip to the Woodland Park Zoo will be on the agenda in the morning.  The week ends with mom handing them over to a sitter at 5pm.  Man, that glass of wine is well deserved.  

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