not so cute.

It's good to be back!  My trip with the kids was out of this world fun!  Plan a trip to the Canadian Gulf Islands.  Incredibly gorgeous and the people are all together, too kind!  Now, on to my latest conundrum...

Raccoon eyes or wrinkles?
Now that the sun as made another appearance this summer, I battle with this question each day.  I was blessed with olive skin that in the winter looks a bit hollow and sickly, but in the summer tans very easily.  Should I wear my sunglasses and end up with raccoon eyes that are difficult to camouflage even with make up OR go sans eye wear, squint all day, and increase the depth of the large wrinkles right between my eyebrows?  I know that they say wrinkles are the sign of a life well lived and wisdom (or some other crap), but let's be honest.  No one wants them!

Truly, one of life's difficult questions!  

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  1. Hey Denise - I was totally thinking about that yesterday when the sun was out. Mostly b/c I do get those raccoon eyes...and I hate it! But I have a hard time going w/o sunglasses. Looks like we won't have to worry about it today though...cloudy...Love reading your posts!!!


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