oh, soy vay!

Who doesn't want an easy way to fake being an amazing cook?  Well maybe not everyone, but I am always looking for simple (preferably in a bottle) ingredients to make the food I make taste better. 

I have two words for you:  Soy Vay.

Soy Vay-Veri Veri Teriyaki could be the answer to every problem.  Well not literally, but it is the best marinade ever!  You can use it on almost anything.  Our favorites are flank steak, chicken breasts, and salmon.  I first had this sauce on Chilean Sea Bass over 14 years ago-back when you could buy that yummy fish.  The main ingredients being soy sauce, sugar, garlic and ginger.  Seriously, it makes everything taste better!  It is easy to find in almost every grocery store. 

If you are gluten free ( by choice or otherwise), you sadly you cannot use Soy Vay.  I recently found a marinade that has many of the same tastes.  Like everything gluten free, it is close to the real thing. I used it last night on salmon. It was delicious.
Happy grilling!  These sauces will make you look good.

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  1. I just read the last couple of days on your blog. I am amazed at the stuff you find! Mom


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