tech tricks.

love it.  I held out for a very, very long time.  I literally get no cell coverage from AT&T at my house, so it made no sense to invest in a super fun toy and not be able to use it at my house.  Verizon came to the rescue.  I brought mine home in early spring and have not regretted it once.

I swear I learn to do something new everyday on this little thing.  One trick that many, many people ask about are how to take screen shots.   It lets you save images of anything you are looking at on your phone. Then you can post or send in an email or in a text message (MMS). I recently posted this screen shot on my facebook page.
How do you do it?
1. Have your screen on the image you want to save
2.  Hold the home and sleep buttons down at the same time.  You will hear your camera shutter click.
3.  The image is now saved in your Camera Roll.  Open Camera.
4.  Select Camera Roll and find your screen shot. Now you can send it via email or text using the bottom left arrow on the image screen.

Anyone else have any super fun tricks I might not know about yet?

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  1. I love my iPhone, just bought the 4 and I am in heaven all the time!


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