we do love this city!

taken on one warm August night....

Some of us are wavering on the "unconditional" love for our city this summer, but we do love it all the same!  Came across this city guide by Sunset Magazine. 

One of favorite past times is to find new great restaurants! 

A few I already know:
Monsoon is totally yummy.  Eat in the bar and share some small plates over cocktails.
Licorous is right next door to the all-together delicious Lark.  Drinks at Licorous, dinner at Lark!
Steelhead Diner.  Am I the only one that thinks this place is a little overrated?

Salumi!  My husband has attended the 5-course private lunch.  It is served in the back of this well-renowned deli only on Wednesdays and, from what I am told, totally amazing.  Great for a special occasions.

Others were new to me:
I am thinking I really want to try Lunchbox Laboratory.  Who doesn't love a great burger?

Check out the other restaurant suggestions and the unique Seattle shops list:


  1. Lunchbox Lab is amazing!

    People don't say enough about their milkshakes, which are works of art in their own right.

    The portions are pretty big. You'll want to either split a burger and shake with a pal, or be prepared to tote home some leftovers.

  2. My mom and I are constantly searching for the best burger, we will definitely try Lunchbox Lab!

    Thank goodness for days like today- or else I might end up in the midwest!


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