shower required

I giggled when I read this article about Elle MacPherson and her panache for dressing as the "ever always" super model to grab her kids from school.  Check her out!


While I did not splash out for a new ensemble or a new hair style, I did up my game a bit today.  A shower was required.  Well, at least for the first day of school.   I established a rule for myself that the first day warranted a little effort on my part.  Hey, I even put on a little mascara this morning.  That is probably the best I have got.  For the next 179 days you will find me in work out gear or sweats at drop off.  Heck, if I am being brutally honest- on dark, dreary days in the doldrums of January it might even be my pj's.  (That is when you say a little prayer that your car doesn't break down and you are stranded on the side of the road as everyone you know drives past!) 

Here is to a great school year and to never getting caught in your pjs!


  1. Ha ha! I remember my mom dropping me off in PJs....I never really minded until Middle School years ;) Hope Will had a great day!

  2. Hey Denise. Do you remember when I would drive you to school and you made me stop one block before the building so no one would see that your mom dropped you off? Love you anyway.


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