coming soon.....

.....to Bellevue Square!  This makes me smile BIG.
Spotted this on the main floor of Bellevue Square as I was scurrying through last week!  Couldn't be more excited about it.  I have been less than pleased with the additions and deletions to the mall in the last year or so. Not sure who is shopping in most of those stores....maybe someone who lives in nearby Clyde Hill or Medina?  However, I will splurge at this shop once its doors are open!

Stripe attack!
Best known for their cotton stripes......

 but their solids are pretty darn cute too.

Oh, but the very best is when you can purchase a Splendid treasure at the Nordstrom Rack for a fraction of the price.  Check back regularly....you never know when they will pop up!

Check out the whole Splendid line at http://www.splendid.com/

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