mini van anyone?

I say, yes please!!  My friends are appalled. 

Would you like my top 5 reasons?

1.  Sliding doors.  Parking spaces are so darn tight that you can hardly get out. Throw a couple kids in the back that simply fling open the doors, and we are constantly causing massive door dings to all who are lucky enough to have me park next to them.  Sliding doors solve this problem. 

2.  Third row.  Yes, I know other vehicles have a third row, but mini-vans have been doing it right for a very long time.  Captain chairs in second row-bench in the third.  I occasionally need help from a friend in transporting my children.  I would like to return the favor. 

3. Vertically challenged.  As many of you know, I am short.  Very short.  The min-van is lower to the ground than any SUV-including the one I currently drive.  It would be nice to get in without having to heave myself into the driver's seat.

4.  They are just better than an SUV.  Sorry, but numbers don't lie.  Mini-vans have more passenger room and more cargo room.  Uhh...who wouldn't want to be more comfortable and haul more shit at the same time?  Don't believe me?

5.  Because I can rock it!  I say Respect the Van.  Why does what I drive determine my coolness factor?  I think that I am secure enough to not only drive, but rock a mini van! 


  1. Sooo, did you get one? Is that yours in the picture above? Rob and I LOVED the Toyota Sienna we got as an "upgrade" when we rented a car a few years ago. (yes, this was before Maggie! before we were even married!) anywho - we drove across WA in that thing and loved every second of it. Comfy. Had balls. Fit allllll of our crap with room to spare for mulitple passengers! I think one day I will definitely have a mini - I support you!!

  2. I love my minivan Denise!!! Everything about it is so great!!! I swore in my earlier years that I never would do it - and then I did and LOVE it!!! I say go for it!!!


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