3 oz. rule

My first remote blog post, via the SeaTac airport wifi! Off for a super fun weekend with some of my best girlfriends! Napa-be warned.

As I packed last night, I had to make a crucial decision early in the process. Check or carry on? Of course I want to avoid the ridiculous baggage fee, but the 3 oz. limit for fluids is what gets me every time. All of my essential items in my bathroom bag are larger than the limit. I am never organized enough to have small travel containers to transfer my needed liquids. I am thinking women should be allowed a larger fluid limit We already have to pay so much more for bodily upkeep- it is like being penalized twice!

1 comment:

  1. Oh my goodness....have so much fun! We r going in September with 4 other couples and I can't wait. Cheers!!!!!


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