a sweet indulgence

Not sure if I could be more excited about the gifts I am giving our moms for Mother's Day.  Needing to get something in the mail by Monday, I was feeling the pressure to find a gift that was thoughtful, unique, and easy.  BINGO.  Bananappeal!

All natural, ready to eat, banana-based desserts, baked and sold in glass jars.  To-die-for cute.  [And I am in love with their web site!] Every single one of the desserts looks delicious.  There are 4 frosted cake varieties and 4 ready to eat cheesecakes.  And to my amazing good fortune, two of the cheesecakes are gluten-free!  [Yes, I am blessed with a gluten free husband and mother-in-law].

banana salted caramel-frosted cake

banana gingersnap cheesecake

banana tiramisu cheesecake*gluten free

You can purchase these yummy cuties at gilt taste or williams-sonoma.
Check out the entire menu at http://www.bananappeal.com/

I will not reveal my exact delivery order in case any of our special ladies read this post.  [We sure do love you mom, Jeannie, and Pam.  We are blessed and lucky to have you! ]  I am seriously considering ordering some for myself.....happy mother's day to me.

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