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Ever feel like this?  If only I had 8 arms and a way to clone myself.  It might be possible to get it all done.  Thursdays are my manic days.  Back to back practices with dinner shoved in between somehow.  Homework often gets pushed to after 8pm, which is super fun time for a 2nd grader to be doing math.

Last week I posted a Facebook status.

"Tuesday nights we are all home, with nowhere to go.  No games, no practices, no batting practice.  That means family dinner.  Everyone eats at the same time, together.  I treasure Tuesday nights."

It got me to thinking.  If 30+ people took the time to hit the "like" button on my status, it must have hit a nerve.  We are all busy.  We are all SO busy.  Ever feel like there is no going back?  No way to change this hectic, fast paced life we have created for ourselves.  I dream sometimes of pulling the plug on all things extra and hunker down with my little family.  Would we be any better off?  Would my children grow up to be more well-rounded adults?  Would I lose my mind?  [I fear we would drive each other insane within the first 48 hours.]  I just don't know.

For now, I will enjoy my Tuesdays and loathe my Thursdays.  

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