Salt Spring Island: more favorites and travel tips.

I am so happy to be able to share the rest of our favorites from our trip to Salt Spring Island and our travel tips. [Read my first post here.]

1.  The food!
We ate WAY too much on this trip and enjoyed every minute it.  As you may know, my husband has Celiac Disease and eats gluten free.  And this island was a gluten free haven.  Every restaurant we ate at offered gluten free options, including gluten free breads, beer, pizza crusts, and buns.  Most importantly, the food was amazingly fresh.  Farms are abundant on the island and the cuisine is truly farm to table.
Our favorites:
The Treehouse Cafe- Delicious breakfast.  They even had gluten free french toast on the menu.  I am sure lunch or dinner would be just as great!  The cafe is built around a tree and is open air.  Heaters at your feet and blankets keep you warm if there is a chill.  My kids loved this place.  [more on why in a bit.] 

Burger Bar 537-  Seriously one of the BEST burger I have ever had.  Gluten free buns and beer for my man!

The Harbour House -  The freshest meals are prepared using much of the bounty from the 15-acre farm that sits behind the hotel/restaurant. 

2. The Elves
A small door at the front of The Treehouse Cafe made this trip for the boys.  Elves live on the island. There were pictures, in the treasure box, of small doors at the base of trees all over the island.  Little Man spent a great deal of time searching for a door on our hikes!  If you leave a note-they will send a reply.  My kids were eager to write the elves questions and anxiously await their response.

3. Tsawaout First Nation Reserve
A hidden gem!!  A waitress gave us the lead on this amazing place.  At the very end of Bridgman Road [on the way to Ruckle park], you find a simple marker and a narrow trail.  It was the most beautiful place we visited.  We did not see a single person on our hike and had the entire beach to ourselves!  Simply breathtaking.

You may not go this summer or this year, but I highly suggest you put Salt Spring Island on your "must visit" list.  I was not disappointed.

Travel Tips if traveling to Salt Spring Island:

Getting there:  BC Ferries
Crossing times vary depending on which ferry you catch.   The crossing is beautiful, with amazing scenery and lovely views.

Stay:  We stayed at Harbour House Hotel.  It was not fancy, but it was very clean and the staff was incredibly friendly.  You can visit the farm and the restaurant was amazing.  Located in Ganges-the heart of the island.
Other lodging choices:
Hasting House Hotel 
a Bed and Breakfast [so many to choose from]
Vacation rentals

Salt Spring Island restaurants via TripAdvisor

Other resources:
Things to do in Salt Spring Island via TripAdvisor
Salt Spring Chamber of Commerce
Salt Spring Market

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