Keeping the fun it.

Yes, that is an orange that Big W is about to hit.  The big guy had a playoff game this week.  The boys were treated to some fun during batting practice prior to the game.  Why not smash the skin off an orange to get you pumped up for a big game?  This entertaining departure from regular warm ups made me [and the boys] very happy.

The boys were elated for the obvious reasons.  I, on the other hand, loved that our coaches were keeping the kids focused on what is truly important when you are playing baseball [or any sport for that matter] at the age of 8 or 9.  They were focused on fun.  Our boys were talking about orange juice spraying in their face and wiping their bats with baby wipes when they entered the dugout.  [Exactly what second and third graders should be doing!]

My hope is that my boys continue to play for coaches that keep a great perspective and teach them well.  Coaches that teach them hard work pays off and consistent practice will lead to improvement.  Coaches that teach them tenacity and resiliency, in sports and in life, make you a stronger human being.  Coaches that teach that the greatest athletes are also great teammates.  I want them to learn that winning is fantastic and losing pretty much sucks. 

But in the end, I just want them to love playing and I want them to have coaches that keep the fun in it!


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