a first day. a last day.

[first day.  Fall 2010]

This little guy had squeezable cheeks, no glasses and awesome style! [I truly loved it when I got to dress my guys.  I made sure they looked hip, but I digress.]  He was eager to be at school like his big brother and ready to make some of his own friends. 

[end of year party. June '13]

This little man finishes Kindergarten today and is officially a big kid in my eyes.  Finally, the last day!  He complained each day, including every day this week, about school.  Too long [6 1/2 hours] and too much work [40 pages of work sometimes!].  He may exaggerate just a bit, but he never wavered on his feelings toward school.  He is nothing but consistent.  In spite of himself, he grew leaps and bounds this year.  He even learned to read, but chooses to hide it.  We call him "the super secret reader".  He is such an amazing kid in so many ways, but school isn't his thing.  It may never be.  I find that sad and disheartening and so desperately want to change his mind.

I was once asked to give one of my dearest friends advice at her baby shower.  I advised, "Love her for who she is, not who you thought she would be."  I have decided to follow my own advice.   Hank is set in his ways, emotional, and quick tempered.  Not always easy to manage, but witty and funny.  I love to be around him and will defend him to the end of my days.  I often go in his room at night and watch him sleep.  He is content, safe, and still so, so little. I can't change who he is, so I will try and help him become the best version of himself. 

Parenting.  Firsts, lasts, and everything in between.  It is quite the ride and never know what to expect.  Here's to the next first!

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