recently inspired by....

recently inspired by..
1.  Scenes from the Amalfi Coast of Italy spark excitement for trip we are planning next year.  This girl is finally going to make it to my grandfathers' homeland.

2.  I swoon for this gold foil phone case.  If only I had an iPhone 5.  Time for an upgrade?

3.  School is out for summer in three days!  That will mark the official start to patio lounging.  These outdoor poufs are the perfect new addition to our backyard.  Great for extra seating or putting your feet up. 

4.  My husband turns 40 next week and this Fujifilm Instax Instant Film Camera will be a fantastic way to capture the fun at his party, without the high cost of a photo booth. 

5. These American Flag Aviators are perfection at least one day of the year.  At $14.00 you can rock them on The 4th of July and then put them away for 365 days without feeling guilty. 

6.  Don't Quit Your Day Dream.  I love this and I am adopting it as my new mantra.  I will be launching a brand new Where is June? I am anxious, nervous, excited and hopeful.

You can find inspiration just about anywhere. How lovely to be able to collect and share!
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