summer pizza

Fig spread + Peaches + Goat Cheese + Arugula = Pizza? Oh. my. YES!
I made this over the weekend for our pizza night with friends.  I really wanted to use some goat cheese that I had on hand. After a little searching I came across a few recipes that used fruit and arugula.  One called for fig preserves as the "sauce". The sweetness of the fig and peaches is tempered by the bite from the arugula.  This is some seriously good stuff!

simple ingredients: fig spread, fresh peaches, crumbled goat cheese, fresh arugula

1.  On a small pizza crust [I used this Udi's Gluten Free pizza crust], spread a thin layer of fig preserves or spread. 

2.  Chop 1/2 a fresh peach and layer on to fig spread.

3.  Sprinkle with goat cheese crumbles.  [ I also added a small amount of mozzarella.]

4. Bake in oven @ 375 degrees until crust is golden and cheese is melted.

5.  Cover pizza with chopped arugula after it comes out of the oven.

6.  Slice, serve, enjoy!

I found this fig spread in the deli section by the finer cheeses.  It was delicious!

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