packaged with care

My son should be receiving his camp care package today.  I smile just thinking about him opening it!  The package will hopefully give my camper a mid-week boost and it includes items to share with his cabin mates.  The box I sent included:
  • Uno cards
  • the Magic 8 ball
  • a nerf football
  • a book to doodle in
  • a non-fiction book [Just the facts, man.]
  • a disposable camera
  • whoopie cushions [enough for every boy in his cabin.  I love this!!]  
  • ring pops [plenty to share.  and YES I broke the "don't send food " rule.]
  • a white pillow cases, with colored sharpies, for his cabin mates to sign
If you have a camper this summer, you understand the importance of the care package. After a google search, I found there are companies that will do it for you.  [Of course there are.] And they have some great items- specially geared for camp -that stores don't carry.  Next year I will pick a few items from these sites to include in my package! 

My favorite item that was on multiple sites:
 Fries Autograph Pillow

A few online companies for care packages:
Sealed with a Kiss
Beyond Bookmarks
The Wrinkled Egg
Just for Camp

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