the power of dawn

The power of Dawn saved my life this weekend.  [That might be a touch dramatic.]  Dawn saved my shirt.  While taking a pan of bacon out of the oven, a pop and a splatter covered a brand new shirt with bacon grease.  After a brief freak out, I remembered I had a bottle of original (blue) Dawn in my laundry room.   The recipe for rescue:  a small drop on each of the grease splatters and let it sit over night.  I washed it this morning in hot water. All traces of bacon grease are gone!  I am a true believer. Think about it and it makes perfect sense.  If Dawn can cut through the grease on your pots and pans, why not your clothing? 

[Please note:  If you use this clothing rescue, make sure to air dry your clothing after washing.  You don't want to throw it in the dryer and set any remaining grease.  You might need to repeat the process to fully remove the stains.  I did.]

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