the cutting room floor

In the world of social media, all we see of others is the best of the best.  Sunny vacations, happy marriages, beautiful children,  upbeat status updates, friends looking fit and healthy.  Our own quiet truths can look ugly in comparison.  

What don't we see on a facebook wall?  Financial worries, pain (physical or otherwise), a distant spouse, a struggling child.  While comparing one's life to others' isn't a new phenomenon, it is now 24/7.  Following us everywhere on our mobile devices. 

While I won't be unplugging anytime soon, I would like to say I will try and be easier on myself.  Stay sane, secure and strong. And ask myself, "What got left on the cutting room floor?"

[And not freak out when someone tags me in a super, unflattering picture.]

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for posting this Denise. This is exactly what I needed to hear on a rough week. :)


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